Henry Ford was an Austrian School Economist at Heart

Former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Harvard educated economist Paul Roderick Gregory are not getting along right now. Reich fired the first shot in his piece “Higher wages can save America’s economy – and its democracy” on Salon.com to which Gregory immediately replied with a scathing critique and a failing letter grade. Reich’s […]

The Shill Report Page 2: Episode 8 Additional Content

On episode 8 we invited Rob Kendall, author and host of the Rob Kendall Show, on to discuss writing a book, political activism, and working in radio. The conversation shifted to Libertarian candidates being included in debates nationwide, and then we tacked the declining ratings that David Gregory seems to have brought with him to […]

All Eyes on Amash: Show Me the Documents

  This piece is part of a weekly series in which WAL Contributor Ryan Ripley follows the moves of libertarian Republican Justin Amash. Although Congress is on recess this month, there have been some fireworks between Congressman Justin Amash and the House Intelligence Committee. It all started with a FaceBook post from Amash that alleged […]

The Shill Report Page 2: Episode 7 Additional Content

On episode 7 we discussed the potential prime-time shake-ups at cable news outlets, the Bezos purchase of the Washington Post, CNN’s reach for relevance, and when to use inside information. Finally, we played WAL’s favorite game:  JAY CARNEY SAID WHAT!?!!? Read on to see what didn’t make it in to the pod, but is still […]

Ripley: House Intelligence Committee Blocking NSA Oversight?

The staunchest defenders of the NSA have insisted from day one that Congress was aware of the NSA surveillance programs and the representatives provide through oversight over these activities. President Obama sought to reassure the American people with such sentiments after the initial NSA stories first broke:  “These programs as subject to congressional oversight and congressional reauthorization […]

Ripley: Mark Zuckerberg Can Stop the NSA – Will He?

During this week’s episode of The Shill Report, Chris, Joe, and I talked about the abrupt shutdown of Lavabit. Ladar Levison explained the shutdown in a message on the company’s website: “I have been forced to make a difficult decision — to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly […]

Ripley: Pelosi Played Major Role in Defeat of Amash Amendment

If you think the dynamic duo of the White House and Republican House leadership are to blame for the defeat of the Amash amendment, you could be mistaken. Foreign Policy Magazine recently published a story with confirmation from insiders, that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) played a major role in stopping the Amash amendment from passing on Wednesday […]

All Eyes on Amash: Taking on the NSA

This piece is part of a weekly series in which WAL Contributor Ryan Ripley follows the moves of libertarian Republican Justin Amash. Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) just had the biggest week of his political career. He took on the White House, the Intelligence Community, and establishment Republicans and almost won. By a narrow vote, the […]