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Episode 4 of The Shill Report focused on the a terrorist making the cover of Rolling Stone, George Zimmerman’s attorney – Mark O’Mara – lashing out at the media, the possible long-term consequence of the Bradley Manning trial, and Jay Carney’s “intern-gate” fiasco.

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We’re pretty proud of this episode, but it went a little long. There just wasn’t enough time to get to all of the great stories of the week. That’s why we created Page 2. Here’s the rest of the news that didn’t make the pod, but is certainly worth a look.


The Washington Post has struggled to find a conservative voice in the blogging world. In a recent article, Eric Alterman examines the Post’s history of trying to fill this complicated position and the unintended consequence of some interesting choices for the job.

It is no secret to anyone that conservatives have conducted a remarkably successful, decades-long campaign to undermine the practice of honest, aggressive journalism with trumped-up accusations of liberal bias. They have made massive investments of time and money in groups and individuals devoted to “working the refs,” and these have yielded significant ideological dividends—which, as might be predicted, have only encouraged them to keep it up.


Larry Elder took Morgan to task over his coddling of Rachel Jeantel and his “stupid” assessment of her character. Elder was relentless in his assault on Morgan and even went as far as to attack him for his bleed heart liberal positions. I can’t think of another instance where a show host allowed a filibuster like this to happen. It’s an explosive exchange that we simply did not have time to cover.


The “Round Mound of Rebound” went on CNBC’s Closing Bell and spoke with Maria Bartiromo about his views on the Zimmerman trail. Barkley agreed with the verdict and felt that both men should have walked away. He called out the media for not have a “clean heart” when reporting news like this. Barkley presented a well thought out and well delivered position on the case. If you miss the 24/7 coverage of the trail now that it’s over, then this is a “must watch” clip.

These are the kind of videos that Ryan Ripley (me), Chris Spangle, and Joe Ruiz break down on #The Shill Report.  We record weekly and can be heard on WAL Radio and the online radio station – Indiana Talks. We strive to review journalism and dig in to the stories of the week. We expanded and explained the narrative and crack wise in the process. It’s a lesson in managing your media with the example you are bombarded with every day. We like to say that the media breaks the news and we fix it.

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