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Through the middle ages, Patronage kept art and ideas flourishing. The new system of patronage means a group of like-minded individuals band together to raise their voice above those of centralized media and established power.

For many curious, future libertarians, we are the first libertarian podcast they hear. We are on the front lines of spreading the libertarian message, and we can only exist with your financial support. Thank you for your help in changing the minds of thousands every week. We are growing because libertarians like yourself amplify your voice by giving us more resources. Please partner with us to continue to impact the world for personal freedom.



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Tools We Love

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– Stash does it all. Save for retirement, invest in stocks, bank online with another great way to save. –
– saves us at least two hours a week. With a big network that publishes content on multiple platforms, they make it possible for us to do it efficiently! –
– WPMUDEV is a must-have. They host our websites as well as offer a set of powerful plugins that make it easy to run a professional site. –

Why Do People Support Us?

“Your podcast has added remarkable value to my life; thank you!” – Eric

“Thank you again for continuing to put out excellent content. More than many other podcasts that I’ve listened to, yours is engaging, interesting, and thoughtful.” – Joshua

“The reason I choose to support the WAL is because WAL is a show that knows its listeners are intelligent and delivers information accordingly. Topics are well researched and cited and are broken down rather than being “dumbed down.” My small contribution of $5 per month is the least I can do in exchange for the valuable content that I would miss if it were to be discontinued.” – Melissa

“I love being part of the community and supporting the show. I chose to support the show because it is a real discussion about politics that is not too ideological. You can tell that Chris doesn’t hold his ideas in a vacuum and challenges himself
to learn more and we learn with him. There needs to be more shows like We are Libertarians, so I am happy to support the show so it can serve as that example.” – Joseph

“I started listening to the podcast somewhere in the 30’s. And, I’ve listened to the entire catalog. I got really nervous that the podcast would end after the episode when your wife left you.

I’d had so many “AHA!” moments listening to you explain ideas that I hadn’t been able to fully form or articulate that I panicked a little thinking about how I would keep learning. And, you’d challenged a lot of my natural instincts – both politically and in my personal life.

And, that’s the thing that really stands out for me about your podcast. You’ve literally helped me become a better person, husband, and father by helping understand the complexities of people. It’s OK that my children may not believe the same way I do. And, it’s OK to be vulnerable to my wife. And, it’s OK to be honest with my co-workers about struggles that I’m facing.

I’ve become more open about my feelings. I’ve become more patient with my children. And, in general, you’ve helped me feel more at peace with my self by helping me accept my own unique flaws.” – Jason


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