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On episode 8 we invited Rob Kendall, author and host of the Rob Kendall Show, on to discuss writing a book, political activism, and working in radio. The conversation shifted to Libertarian candidates being included in debates nationwide, and then we tacked the declining ratings that David Gregory seems to have brought with him to “Meet the Press”. Finally, we played WAL’s favorite game:  JAY CARNEY SAID WHAT!?!!?  For those keeping score, Joe is up on Chris 2-0.

Read on to see what didn’t make it in to the pod, but is still fit for print.

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Article from A. Barton Hinkle discussing the race for governor in Virginia and how the Libertarian candidate being left out of the media narrative is not only bad journalism, but also bad politics.  Below is excerpt:

“The article then moved on with its main theme: the “negative tone” of the fight between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. It never pointed out that voters actually do have a third choice: Robert Sarvis, who is running for governor on the Libertarian ticket, will be on the ballot as well.”

The article also discusses the use of polling limits to exclude 3rd party candidates and debunks some of the more common defenses for that practice.



A court has ruled that journalist James Risen must reveal his source in open court in the criminal trial of former CIA official Jeffery Sterling. Sterling was indicted for leaking classified information to Risen for his book – State of War. The 4th circuit court of appeals has ruled that Risen could not claim 1st amendment protections and must testify.

The setting of these decisions has come in to question. These rulings have taken place in Maryland and Virginia — setting an unsettle precedent in two states that are also home to the NSA and CIA. Rosen has refused to co-operate and could face time behind bars. More stunning is the utter lack of interest from the mainstream media especially given the ramifications of this case for the entire industry.



This story is contradictory to Eric Holders promise to not prosecute reporters… James Ball is watching the Risen story closely as he too has been investigated by the government for his involvement with WikiLeaks.  From the article:

“Such reassurances are false. What happens to WikiLeaks today happens to New York Times reporters tomorrow.

There are two reasons I can say this so starkly. The first is that we’ve had time to see it happen. In the last year, AP reporters learned their phone records had been secretly subpoenaed and analyzed in a bid to uncover their confidential sources. A Fox News reporter was surveilled. And veteran New York Times reporter James Risen faces jail for refusing to disclose a source.”



Peter Maass [New York Times] conducted an encrypted interview with Edward Snowden. Laura Poitras served as an intermediary. Some of the more interesting quotes:

ES: “After 9/11, many of the most important news outlets in America abdicated their role as a check to power — the journalistic responsibility to challenge the excesses of government — for fear of being seen as unpatriotic and punished in the market during a period of heightened nationalism. From a business perspective, this was the obvious strategy, but what benefited the institutions ended up costing the public dearly. The major outlets are still only beginning to recover from this cold period.”

ES: “I was surprised to realize that there were people in news organizations who didn’t recognize any unencrypted message sent over the Internet is being delivered to every intelligence service in the world. In the wake of this year’s disclosures, it should be clear that unencrypted journalist-source communication is unforgivably reckless.”

ES: “Laura [Poitras] and Glenn [Greenwald] are among the few who reported fearlessly on controversial topics throughout this period, even in the face of withering personal criticism, and resulted in Laura specifically becoming targeted by the very programs involved in the recent disclosures.”



These are the kind of stories that Ryan Ripley (me), Chris Spangle, and Joe Ruiz break down on #TheShillReport.  We record weekly and can be heard on WAL Radio and the online radio station – Indiana Talks. We strive to review journalism and dig in to the stories of the week. We expand and explain the narrative and crack wise in the process. It’s a lesson in managing your media with the examples you are bombarded with every day. We like to say that the media breaks the news and we fix it.

If you would like to send in a story for us to possible use on the show, send a message to @werlibertarians on Twitter and use the #TheShillReport hashtag. You can also leave us a message on the We Are Libertarians FaceBook page.

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