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On episode 7 we discussed the potential prime-time shake-ups at cable news outlets, the Bezos purchase of the Washington Post, CNN’s reach for relevance, and when to use inside information. Finally, we played WAL’s favorite game:  JAY CARNEY SAID WHAT!?!!?

Read on to see what didn’t make it in to the pod, but is still fit for print.

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MSNBC’s Alex Wagner called Rand Paul out for mounting one of the “right wing” presidential bids in modern history and mocked him for his assertion that the federal deficit is at a “staggering” trillion dollars. She was quick to point out that the CBO estimates that the deficit is *ONLY* at $640 billion.

While Rand Paul’s inevitable campaign ramps up, it certainly looks like MSNBC’s full court press on Senator Paul is already in full swing.


ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl questioned the president’s use of the work “decimated” when describing Al Qaeda during the NSA reform press conference last Friday. President walked back his previous language by stating that “core Al Qaeda is on its heels” and reiterated the threat that other global terrorist groups pose to America.

Here’s the question that caught our attention: “Now that we have seen this terror threat that resulted in embassies closed throughout the Arab world, much of Africa,” Karl asked, “do you still believe that Al Qaeda has been decimated?”


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd rolled his eyes at the idea of Donald Trump considering a 2016 presidential run and pondered how long it would it be until Trump’s “sideshow” charade is over. Trump in response took to Twitter and had a mini-meltdown.




These are the kind of stories that Ryan Ripley (me), Chris Spangle, and Joe Ruiz break down on #TheShillReport.  We record weekly and can be heard on WAL Radio and the online radio station – Indiana Talks. We strive to review journalism and dig in to the stories of the week. We expand and explain the narrative and crack wise in the process. It’s a lesson in managing your media with the examples you are bombarded with every day. We like to say that the media breaks the news and we fix it.

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