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Episode 5 of The Shill Report was a podcasting first for the team– we invited a guest on the show. Casey Hendrickson gave us a behind the scenes look in to the life of a local talk radio show host, then we discussed the way the media covered the Amash amendment. Finally, we watch Jay Carney have a bad week and played WAL’s favorite game:  JAY CARNEY SAID WHAT!?!!?  It was a really fun episode that we hope you enjoy as well.

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Rachel Maddow is clearly irritated by the continuing Weiner scandal. She did not focus on his texting habits; instead she noted that his continual lying to the public and the media about how much he has changed.

“Part of the way he lied the second round of times is that he’s doing this sort of redemption tour in the press where he’s talking about what a changed man he is, and how he’s totally focused on his family, and he’s all about making apologies while he’s still continuing that behavior,” Maddow continued. “So the press was really used by Anthony Weiner in order to convey the second round of lying.”

Had we decided to use this clip in the show, I think the conversation would have taken some interesting turns. Does the press really get “used” in cases like this? Isn’t the mainstream media really just looking for stories with “sizzle” to sell copies and ads? If that is the case, it seems like this exactly the kind of story those types of news organizations crave.



Not minute by minute like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC…

Kate O’Brian – president of Al Jazeera America – was quoted in an interview with the Huffington Post as saying:

“We would certainly cover the Royal Baby. It’s an important story. It’s an interesting story, but we wouldn’t do it in a minute-by-minute, breathless, day-in-day-out way that we’ve seen some of the competitors out there doing,” she continued. “But we would do it in a way that we deem appropriate in terms of the news – the buffet of news that is out there every day.”

Thankfully there is a network news organization that understands the context of this story against the truly important news of the day.



Melissa Harris Perry decided to wear tampon earrings in protest of who knows what:

Glenn Beck retorted with condoms on his fingers to mock Perry:

And we still don’t know what the hell Geraldo was thinking…

These are the kind of stories that Ryan Ripley (me), Chris Spangle, and Joe Ruiz break down on #TheShillReport.  We record weekly and can be heard on WAL Radio and the online radio station – Indiana Talks. We strive to review journalism and dig in to the stories of the week. We expanded and explained the narrative and crack wise in the process. It’s a lesson in managing your media with the examples you are bombarded with every day. We like to say that the media breaks the news and we fix it.

If you would like to send in a story for us to possible use on the show, send a message to @werlibertarians on Twitter and use the #TheShillReport hashtag. You can also leave us a message on the We Are Libertarians FaceBook page.

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