Thank You Women of Liberty

If you’ve been on social media today you’ve probably noticed that the following topics have been trending: #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2015 #HappyWomensDay As such, We Are Libertarians would like to take a moment to say “Thank you” to some of our favorite female voices in the liberty movement. Whether you’re new to the cause or have been a constant […]

3 Ways Professional Wrestling is like Politics

Professional Wrestling Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall Have you ever seen a professional wrestler? I’m not talking about the independents that run the ropes at their local Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs because they’re passionate about being entertainers. I’m talking about sold out stadiums, bright lights, grand entrances and pyrotechnics. I’m […]

A Thought For Election Day

I just saw an Americans For Prosperity ad that reads, “Freedom Isn’t Free: Vote.” Please don’t buy into the propaganda that as an American you must “do your part,” and that voting is the only way to do that. If you’ve looked at your options and all of the candidates are lame, maybe doing your […]

Guest Post: Bundy and His Comments

Recently Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers (Indiana) allowed We Are Libertarians to post a Guest Submission to our website titled ‘Sheriff Brad Rogers at Cliven Bundy Ranch.’ Read it here: Since his trip to Nevada the media has (based on some of Cliven Bundy’s own comments) begun to speculate that Cliven Bundy is a racist. […]

The People Are Running Red Lights!

On Tuesday Talk Radio Personality Casey Hendrickson discussed Run A Red Light, my most recent article at We Are Libertarians. While Casey’s commentary was highly entertaining (as always), I was most encouraged by his callers. It seems as though there are a lot of people out there already living out the spirit of my piece; […]

Walter Block’s Reading List

Walter Block sent this book list to us in case any would be interested. And you should be! [divide] 21. DiLorenzo, Thomas and Walter E. Block. Forthcoming. An Austro-Libertarian Critique of Public Choice; Addleton Academic Publishers;; 30-18 50th Street, Woodside, New York, 11377; [divide] 20. Block, Walter. 2013. Legalize Blackmail. ISBN 978-0-9910433-0-9 (hardcover), 978-0-9910433-1-6 (e-book). Straylight Publishing, LLC;; My […]