A Thought For Election Day

I just saw an Americans For Prosperity ad that reads, “Freedom Isn’t Free: Vote.” Please don’t buy into the propaganda that as an American you must “do your part,” and that voting is the only way to do that. If you’ve looked at your options and all of the candidates are lame, maybe doing your part means opting out of the vote altogether. Your vote belongs to you. Do whatever you want with it. And definitely don’t give it to someone just because they suck less than the other guy.

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Joe Ruiz

Joe Ruiz is a writer, political aficionado, pop culture enthusiast, pro-wrestling smark, MBA graduate, former US Congressional candidate, ukulele tinkerer, Puerto Rican / American, Freemason, marketing guy, podcaster, and family man. He currently hosts The CAP (Culture & Arts Podcast) and is the Managing Editor at We Are Libertarians.

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