Opinion: What is a Libertarian?

Today I listened to Jason Stapleton talk for 44 minutes on the topic, “What is a Libertarian?” Like Tom Woods during one of his recent podcasts, Jason agreed that a Libertarian “Is not ‘fiscally conservative and socially liberal,’ like Gary Johnson suggests. Rather, Libertarians have their own philosophy and operate on a standard of core libertarian […]

Song: Freedom – Election 2016

This was inspired by Dr. Marc Feldman’s rap at this year’s LP Convention and the Gary Johnson/William Weld nomination. I hope it is an encouraging hip-hop anthem for all libertarians during this year’s election season. If you like it, please consider making a donation to Gary Johnson’s campaign at GaryJohnson2016.com or to We Are Libertarians […]

Education: A Private Facebook Chat

You’ve probably heard it mentioned in past episodes of the We Are Libertarians podcast, that a secret Facebook thread exists for the podcast’s hosts. But what brand of villainy goes on there? I’ll never tell. However, I will share this, since it was a great conversation that happened within the thread before we could make it to […]

The Libertarian Case for Rand Paul

On April 18th, 2015, renowned libertarian author Walter Block published his support for Rand Paul in the 2016 presidential race. Senator Paul announced his bid for president on April 7th. The following is Walter Block’s case for Rand Paul, as released via social media here: Walter Block’s Facebook Post  The libertarian case for Rand Paul […]

My Jury Duty Experience: Part 2 of 3

The Tributes It’s amazing how such a rag tag group of individuals can be roped together in a setting like jury selection. Aside from me, a libertarian/anarchist radio employee and former US Congressional candidate turned podcaster (all of which were things I thought I would be disqualified for), the following cast of characters would also […]