The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 361

If you need a real world, financial example of socialism in these United States, it would be this:
Look at you last pay stub.  Look at your gross pay; now look at your net pay.  The difference is how much socialism costs you every paycheck.

This is a big story:

It wasn’t too long ago that Germany felt they wanted their gold back from other nations vaults (specifically England and the US), and demanded repatriation of their reserves:
I guess they’ve had a change of heart?  Or were they told the gold no longer exists in the vaults?  Hey, trust us!

PLEASE read this article written by Alecia Phonesavanh (she is the mother of 2-year-old Bou Bou, that was seriously injured during a middle of the night SWAT raid):
What should this family do about it?  What about the judge who signed the ‘no-knock’ warrant?  What about the SWAT team that was playing army with civilians?  What about the fact the person they were looking for didn’t even live at the address raided?  What about the fact NO drugs were found?
So many unanswered questions…

Not sure of all the details surrounding this 6 AM DHS raid of a Florida home, but if half of this story is true:
Welcome to the police state!  We as citizens need to say STOP now, before this becomes an accepted practice (or has it already)?

Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone about inflation and maybe it’ll just go away?:
If the US measured inflation like they did 20 years ago, the rate would be over 10% annually.  Are your wages going up at that rate?  We’re getting poorer each year, figure it out yet?
How a country dies, article by Tyler Durden:
This is a great companion piece to the above article.  I strongly suggest reading them both.

Well, this is interesting (2:11):
Makes it awfully easy to enter the US if you leave the gate open and unattended, don’t you think?

In the continuing series about the erosion of our Constitutional rights, Ron Gibson focuses on vehicle titles and driver licenses (6:55):
If we only REALLY understood what’s happened to this country… 


SCOTUS does the job that congress has refused to do…kinda:
They actually told Obama his EPA can’t just change the rules without a law being written to cover it.

Do you believe the IRS when they said they lost all the emails?:
You shouldn’t, they had a contract with Sonasoft to avoid just such a situation…time for a new excuse.
….And here you go:
This reminds me of Watergate and the 18 ½ minutes of silence.

The IRS scandal is so bad that Lois Lerner suggested the IRS audit senator Chuck Grassley:
After opening an email to Grassley that was accidently sent to Lerner.

Now IRS commissioner (John Koskinen) being an arrogant SOB in front of the house committee responsible for finding out what abuse the IRS was responsible for (5:53 & 8:44):
I’m fed up with the IRS cover-up.  Let’s start with Obama and work backwards.

The IRS is required by law to report any loss of information, including emails (1:03):
US Archivist David Ferriero testified that the IRS never notified him they lost any emails or files.

One would possibly come to the conclusion that the IRS may not be an impartial agency of government:
When It is learned the commissioner has donated over $100K to democrats for the past 30 years.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons he got the job?

Well, OK.  Maybe there was JUST a smidgen of corruption in the IRS:
IRS agrees to pay $50K to national organization for marriage for the illegal release of confidential tax information.  Sorry, but vindictive me wants someone to go to jail over this as well.

The last time a president tried to turn the IRS into his own personal goon squad:
We impeached him.

Missing IRS emails; it’s not a conspiracy theory:
It’s called common sense.

I think I’ll end my IRS scandal information with this op-ed by Bob Livingston:
What’s it going to take for you to recognize the total criminality that the federal government has become?  I DO NOT CONSENT.

Want to promote global warming?  Just change the empirical data:
Voila, problem solved.  Special thanks to NASA, NOAA and the EPA for fudging the data.

NY state’s highest court has ruled ex-mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban, stating the NYC health board exceeded their authority:
A very small win for liberty.

Herman Cain states uninformed voters should stay home come election day.  Says stupid people are ruining America (1:37):!
I’m not disagreeing, but this was probably not a wise thing for any politician to say.

Bill Maher’s ‘real time’ show last Friday featured an interesting exchange between Glenn Greenwald and Paul Rieckhoff (6:47):
This was interesting…


Did anyone think that Obama would be such a war-hawk when he was elected?:
I think it’s time congress reign in this wannabe king.


Hillary just can’t stop from making a fool of herself:
She refuses to see herself as part of the .1%?  Maybe she should read this article.



Hillary is going after the alternative media along with the 1st and 2nd amendments (4:19):
We’ll all get along much better if we would just agree with her, after all.


Gary Franchi interview with William Binney (retired NSA official) on how long citizens spying has been going on (16:49):
The NSA has been violating the Constitution since 2001.  Anyone remember when the NSA did overseas spying, not domestic surveillance of ordinary citizens?


Staff Sergeant Guthrie of the Lowndes Co (GA) sheriff’s department (6:12):
Why can’t all LEO’s be more like this?

Trey Gowdy as a standup comedian (2:49):
He ain’t bad…


Wal-Mart fires back at NYT columnist Timothy Egan for his recent piece on Wal-Mart:!
David Tovar is Wal-Mart’s director of corporate communications; good counterpoints are presented (and I’m not a Wal-Mart fan).


Another US manufacturer is moving out of the US due to our tax rate:!
Medtronic is moving to Ireland.  It’s purely a business decision; 35% of profit or 12.5% of profit confiscated by government…what would you choose?


Government revises Q1 economic numbers: it’s down 2.9% (not the .1% originally reported):
The largest since the great depression.  Just another lie, much like the one that tells us we’re in a recovery and have been for years.


Sacramento County sheriff Scott Jones doesn’t want to talk about the department’s stingray unit (5:39):
Stingray’s use without a warrant is a blatant violation of the 4th amendment.  What do you do when those paid to protect our rights are the ones guilty of abusing them?

Greta van Susteren let’s Obama have it regarding Andrew Tahmooressi (1:06):
In a face to face meeting with Mexico’s president, the subject didn’t get brought up.

694 documented examples of Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc:
Interesting reading, by Tim Brown.  And still we do nothing.


Judge Margaret Noe (MI) is not fit to be a judge (2:33):
This is ridiculous.

Ron Paul suggests you consider his curriculum as an alternative to the governments common core (4:34):
Your children, your choice…for awhile yet.

Those doomsday preppers are a dangerous bunch (2:09):
This is what our government does to citizens, in this story Martin Winters.  Who’s next?


The ACLU has released a new report stating that police agencies have excessively militarized:
Kind of states the obvious, don’t you think?


I’ve asked this question before and I’ll ask again:
What will it take for Americans to say ‘enough’ and become a freedom fighter (or terrorist), depending on one’s point of view?


The anatomy of a great deception, a film that is the passion for Dave Hooper:
One man’s quest for the truth regarding 9/11, you might want to read a little bit about this.


Just what is the export-import bank; explained in 1 minute (1:03):


The white house finally relented on releasing the memo on drone killings:
It was murder, we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic.  US citizens were killed on orders from the king.


Sneak and Peek warrants, what the heck are they?:
Excuse me; what country am I living in?  Obviously not one that believes in liberty, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law.


Ben Crystal has devised a political quiz to determine your liberty quotient:
How’d you do?


The US should look to what’s happening in France right now before we repeat the same mistakes (4:43):
Too much socialism will force our most gifted young people to leave the US as well.


Joe Guzzardi with 6 facts on the Obama flood of illegal immigrant minors that you may not know:
This will put a serious tax on this nation’s ability to care for these illegal’s, might want to change policy before it’s too late.


The most corrupt states; Mississippi tops the list:
Illinois came in at number 4, I was surprised that NY wasn’t in the top ten.


As if Albuquerque police don’t have enough of a target on their backs for police brutality (1:50 & 2:35):!4vWqx
APD embeds undercover cops in the anti-police brutality march and demonstration.  Wow, just wow.


Sean Kendall did a pretty good job in keeping himself together after finding out his dog had been killed (5:23):
Salt Lake City, officer Olson should probably lose his or her job over this.


NEMLEC (a regional Massachusetts SWAT team) has refused an ACLU release for statistics on raids and other police information:
NEMLEC states they are not subject to public records laws.  I would beg to differ, where do they get their funding from, the tooth fairy?

That’s what friends are for (2:19):
Brazoria County, Texas.  Ohhh, a letter of reprimand; I guess that’s better than getting fired.


The Thad Cochran/Chris McDaniel primary run-off in Mississippi was a complete farce when it comes to party politics:

And further strengthens my belief that there’s not a smidgen (like how I worked that in) of difference between D and R, even when it comes a one party’s primary.
A collection of stories detailing the events that took place this week in Mississippi:


We all deserve a feel good story (1:45):
Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo.


Just for fun, shooting JUJUBE CANDY through a 12 gauge shotgun (3:04):


And I’ll end with this.  A PSA on gun safety that I found very funny (:30):!
Judging from the viewer comments, I’m in a minority.  MY WARNING: This is adult oriented content and should not be viewed by minors or those easily offended.

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