Guest Post: Bundy and His Comments

Recently Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers (Indiana) allowed We Are Libertarians to post a Guest Submission to our website titled ‘Sheriff Brad Rogers at Cliven Bundy Ranch.’ Read it here:
Since his trip to Nevada the media has (based on some of Cliven Bundy’s own comments) begun to speculate that Cliven Bundy is a racist. Because Sheriff Rogers had gone out to the ranch, some critics have made attempts to couple him along with Cliven Bundy; as though his visit was an endorsement of all of Bundy’s views and opinions. As such Sheriff Rogers is allowing us to post the following, which provides insight into his trip to Nevada and also his response to any critics who may have made unfair (and unreasonable) accusations.
From Sheriff Brad Rogers:

I spoke with Mr. Bundy only briefly while in Nevada last weekend. Bundy and I did speak during the press conference on Saturday, but about the need for the local sheriff to get involved. I arrived late at the press conference where Bundy was already speaking and, after my part, left while he continued to speak to reporters.

I never heard him say, nor was I aware that Bundy spoke on the topic that the media is now covering until yesterday.

Here is the video:

The New York Times took his comments out of context. He was certainly trying to emphasize the ramifications of government assistance. But, to broad brush all people in these circumstances is naive at best. Nevertheless, his comments are considered racist to some, or at the very least, highly insensitive and inappropriate. I do not know if he is racist; I really doubt that he is. I observed black men as his paid bodyguards. However, I consider his comments unacceptable and horrendous that he would suggest that people would be better in slavery. That conclusion flies in the face of the history and documented experiences about slavery.

I really don’t know him; nor have I ever claimed to be unified with him on all ethics, standards and beliefs. My primary goal in being in Nevada was to seek out facts and to encourage a peaceful solution by getting the county Sheriff involved when the Feds overreached by impounding cattle at the point of a gun, including the shooting of cattle, provoking a protest by Americans. Even if it turns out that Bundy is a racist or a weirdo, why would I not want to support a peaceful resolution to the Bundy Ranch situation, to keep federal officers and the public from getting killed? We are supposedly a community of peace-loving people in Elkhart County, Indiana.

About 20 years ago I stood guard with other officers to provide protection for citizens protesting the presence of the KKK, and the members themselves, at a KKK initiated event at the Elkhart Courts Building. In fact, I was the officer, donned in riot gear and shotgun, assigned by the Sheriff to ride in the KKK van from the staging area to the event. I was selected as an officer that would not stir them up and would keep the peace. On occasions throughout the event, I needed to speak to the KKK Grand Dragon and his members about their conduct. That does not make any officer a racist for associating with racists. I abhorred the KKK’s conduct and the filth they spewed forth. The officers and I were there to keep the peace.

There is an email circulating at the local seminary denouncing me, assuming details before they even know the facts. Where are my beloved Mennonite friends and lovers of peace now? Seems everyone would be happy to have Federal agents and their protesters, including Bundy, killed in a battle over cattle. Really? Where are the peacemakers?

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Joe Ruiz

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