AuthorGreg Lenz

Greg Lenz is a reformed Conservative. I've slowly evolved my position from Conservative Republican to it's current status of Libertarian Republican. I'm aware people hate the Libertarian Republican label, but ultimately I'm a pragmatist. Economic issues are my primary concern therefore I do support Republican candidates from time to time (Rand Paul 2016). As of late, I find myself flirting with Minarchism. The writings of William F. Buckley, Ayn Rand, and Thomas Jefferson have played the biggest role in shaping my beliefs.


Lenz: America’s Time For Choosing

Good evening, Tonight a great many of you probably watched the third and final debate in the 2016 Presidential election between Donald J. Trump and...


Lenz: Gary Johnson In The Arena

“If you don’t vote that’s a vote for Trump. If you vote for a 3rd party candidate that’s a vote for Trump…” -President Barack Obama to Steve...


Lenz: Libertarians Crossing The Chasm

Crossing the Chasm, is a marketing book by Geoffrey A. Moore which focuses on the best way for a technology start up to enter a market and scale the...


Lenz: Interesting Times Indeed

The time was 1936 and Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen had just been named the British Ambassador to China. As his memoirs have it, just prior to his...


Lenz: Aristotle’s Wager

In the annals of human history there are few figures whose contributions were so profound, the remnants of their work continue to shape our lives...


Lenz: Who Is To Blame For Dallas?

How did we get here? To most, I’m sure, the agonizing loss of human life over the last 48 hours remains beyond comprehension. The murders...