BHOL 24: Nate LaMar – Big Announcement? – Budgets – New Studio – Vegas

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Episode 24 of the Boss Hog of Liberty Podcast Is with Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Clay Morgan. Featured guest is Nate LaMar. Nate currently serves as the president of the Henry County Council.

This is the first episode broadcast from the new studios live to Facebook and available on You Tube as well. The crew discusses the current status of the local budget. The cuts that are coming, local taxes and how the process actually works.
Nate announces that he will NOT be running for Congress and that he is looking at running for a State Senate Seat. More to come on that story soon!

Jeremiah and Dakota recapped their visit to the New Castle City Council meeting and followed up with Aaron Dicken from Episode 23.

Finally, the crew shared their thoughts on the Las Vegas murders and reflections on the difficult week.

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