BHOL 23: Aaron Dicken – 14th Street Future – Smoking Bans – Trump in Indy

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Episode 23 of the Boss Hog of Liberty Podcast is our long awaited episode with City Councilman Aaron Dicken. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by regular co-host Clay Morgan.

Aaron started things off on the right foot, by bringing a gift for the new studio. Dakota spends most of his time beating councilman Dicken into accepting that by merely showing up at a city council meeting, he got the council do drop the hated smoking ban.

We finally got some answers on the future of 14th street and the future of downtown New Castle. Aaron was non-committal about what happens when Jeremiah flushes his toilets.

In national news the guys discussed the upset victory of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Runoff and covered Trump’s Indianapolis appearance.

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