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I will be recording an election special today to give you a We Are Libertarians-level amount of stats, races to watch, and predictions for Tuesday. That includes Libertarian candidates who will likely be missed by Politico or CNN in their coverage. Any Patron who pledges at the $5 a month or above level can access it the day they sign up. The funds won’t pull from your card until the first of next month.

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On Tuesday night, I will host an election night party online through Zoom beginning at 6 PM (until 10 or 11 pm) for our Patrons who pledge $10 and above. This group video chat will be a fun way to meet other libertarians and WAL Patrons from across the spectrum. We will be sharing our thoughts on election night in real-time. Any Patron who pledges at the $10 a month or above level can access it the day they sign up. The funds won’t pull from your card until the first of next month. I will send a link to join the video chat to the Patreon email system and in the Nobility Facebook Group on Election Night.

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I Think I Was Banned For Supporting Liberty Memes

Chris Spangle

I have been banned by Facebook for 30 days. Lil’ ole’ outrageous me. I’ve been banned once before, so the previous protocol would be a 3-day ban… But midterms are coming up and Zuckerberg has pledged to clean up the site. That means troublemakers like myself are being banned past the midterms. So what did I do?

The given reason was a comment on the WAL Page a week ago saying that their argument was the equivalent of a Good German saying that Jews may have been the problem. This was a historical argument over language that was labeled as hate speech by Facebook. I’ve been put in timeout to reflect on my behavior, and I’ve determined I did nothing wrong.

The real reason in my mind would be my interviews with and posts about Liberty Memes being taken down. Within 24 hours of my Facebook Live with Peter Gay, I was banned for a comment made a week ago. We posted our interview in many places and it was shared many times.

Over the last week, I have reconsidered my thinking on leaving the platform. I think libertarians have to be lions in the face of censorship. When one of us is censored, 100 more need to pop up and spread the word. When one page is taken down, we need to build networks to repopulate those pages with a record speed. We need to make Silicon Valley feel the power of the libertarian voice. It will be necessary to have the cooperation of many factions within the libertarian movement. Some libertarian brands may need to promote or share content from other libertarian brands they find disagreeable. If you follow a page, independent media outlet, or a libertarian blog, encourage the owners to share replacement pages like Liberty Memes 2.0. It is necessary to maintain the libertarian voice in the public square.

Now that I am on their radar, it is only a matter of time before my ability to communicate to you through Facebook is taken away for good. That is why it is so important to subscribe to all of our social platforms below, our podcasts, and this email list. Bookmark the websites. Donate on Patreon because it costs money to diversify our voice.

Libertarianism flourished before social media and it will flourish long after it because our ideas are right. Just keep talking.

BHOL 83: Morrell & Cronk for Council

Boss Hog of Liberty

Episode 83 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Dakota Davis hosts a unique episode of the program in the candidate series. Jeremiah slid over to the candidate chair in his race for the Henry County Council. Pat Cronk accepted our invitation as we dedicated the evening to discuss the issues in the most hotly contested council race in Henry County.

Kenon Gray was extended an invitation but declined to participate.

Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Weilands Flowers of New Castle.

Topics include the future of our jail, parks, substance abuse, wind energy, tax policy and much more.

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BNS 42: Making Liberty Relatable with Matt Kibbe

Brian Nichols Show

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Matt Kibbe! Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer at Free the People, an educational organization turning the next generation on to the values of liberty. He is also an Executive Producer at CRTV, where he produces “The Deadly Isms” and “Kibbe on Liberty”.

Listen as we first start off discussing Matt’s first steps into libertarianism via the band Rush and their “2112” album, which pointed Matt towards the readings of Ayn Rand. Next, we discuss the recent censorship on Facebook of popular libertarian page, “Liberty Memes” and what libertarians should do in response.

Next, we discuss Matt’s organization, “Free the People”, which is an educational organization turning the next generation on to the values of liberty by reaching those “liberty curious” through social media, video, and storytelling. After that, we discuss how libertarians should vote in the 2018 midterms, strategic voting, and the “lesser of two evils” argument. We also touch on two strong Libertarian campaigns in Gary Johnson for U.S. Senate in New Mexico and Larry Sharpe for Governor in New York.

We start to conclude our conversation by discussing potential outcomes in the 2018 midterms, as well as how our nation will look after 2020 and 2024. And finally, we wrap up our discussion by looking at Matt’s book, ” Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto.”

Matt’s Bio: Matt Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer at Free the People, an educational organization turning the next generation on to the values of liberty. We reach the “liberty curious” through social media, video, and storytelling. Kibbe is also an Executive Producer at CRTV, where he produces “The Deadly Isms,” a documentary series about the dangers of all flavors of authoritarianism.

He is the Co-Founder and Partner at Fight the Power Productions, a strategic communications firm focused on video production, social media branding, and compelling storytelling.

He is also a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna. In 2004 Kibbe founded FreedomWorks, where he served as President for 11 years. Steve Forbes said, “Kibbe has been to FreedomWorks what Steve Jobs was to Apple.”

Against his better judgment, Kibbe occasionally gets involved in politics, serving as Senior Advisor to a Rand Paul SuperPAC, and creating AlternativePAC to support liberty candidates. Back when Yoda was a teenager, Kibbe worked as Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill, as Budget Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and at the Republican National Committee.

Dubbed “The Scribe” by the New York Daily News, Kibbe is most recently author of the #2 New York Times bestseller, Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto. In his spare time he appears on Old Media, including FOX News, MSNBC, CNN and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Most of his best material is lifted from his three liberty-minded cats, Roark, Ragnar, and Rearden.

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BNS 38: Republican Party NYS Assembly Candidate Mark Walczyk

The Brian Nichols Show

On today’s episode, I’m joined the Republican candidate for the New York State 116th Assembly District, Mark Walczyk!

Mark attended the University of Albany, Graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in History and double minors in Political Science and Education. He is First Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve and has spent the past decade working with New York State Senator Patty Ritchie, spending more than two years as her Legislative Director and the last four and a half years as her District Director.

Listen as we discuss Mark’s platform that focuses on bringing jobs back to the North Country, addressing the opioid epidemic, and fixing Upstate’s crumbling infrastructure. Later, we discuss the New York State education system, the problem with democratic-socialism, and conclude by looking at Mark’s 8 (well… 9) Rules for Government.

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Phone: (315) 775-8552

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Why Has Identity Politics Become So Prevalent?

By every measurable standard, the world is improving for its inhabitants. With less war, disease, and famine, over 7 billion humans can survive on a planet using less land for agriculture while producing more. There has never been a safer time to be alive in human history.

So why do we feel like everything is terrible?

It’s due to a concerted effort from demagogues within colleges, media, and politics to make us think things are terrible to create multiple crises. It is easier to control a population when that population is emotional and angry.

“Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship.” – Noam Chomsky

Why does the left focus on identity politics (and now the Trump wing of the right)?

Given the stability of the world, there aren’t egregious, large-scale societal issues of poverty, injustice, and government oppression in America. I’m not arguing that all of our problems are solved because there are still many societal imbalances in our economy and criminal justice system. They aren’t as apparent as zero registered African-American voters in all of Mississippi or substantial portions of Americans not having access to power and sewage as in the 1950s.

In the absence of evident crises, radicals must create discord to provoke society into action. Take this quote from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (Alinsky was a 1960’s political figure that worked for the mob and decided to translate their tactics to modern politics. Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on his ideas):

“Men don’t like to step abruptly out of the security of familiar experience; they need a bridge to cross from their own experience to a new way. A revolutionary organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate.”

In other words, manipulate people through propaganda and political action to make regular people believe things are terrible, so they will try to solve the problems you’ve made up by giving you control over their lives. If they don’t become an ally, then ensure they can’t or won’t speak up and oppose you. For more on those tactics, click here.

There are very real imbalances in our society for women and minorities. These realities have been exploited by political opportunists on both sides to galvanize their base and create an “us vs. them” mentality. Instead of using language that brings together the multiple parties to solve an issue like gun violence or the unjust warehousing of the poor under the guise of the drug war, thought leaders at media outlets, think tanks, advocacy groups, political organizations, and universities do what demagogues have done for the whole of human history: protect their interests by dividing the population in an effort to maintain power.

Those biased towards the left must do a better job of examining their language, and the effect that weaponizing intersectionality has had on America.

Those biased more towards the right have to avoid reactionary behavior and turning away from real problems just because they “feel leftist.”

The good news is that while individual humans continue to be their own worst enemy, the expansion of liberty and free markets has allowed the species as a whole to live better lives. We should start getting out of our way and work together to avoid feeling miserable when there’s little reason for it.

BNS 34: The Free State Project and LBRY with Jeremy Kauffman

The Brian Nichols Show

Today, I am joined by Jeremy Kauffman! Jeremy is the founder and CEO of and recently joined the Board of Directors of The Free State Project.

Listen as we start off our discussion by focusing on is Jeremy’s New Hampshire-based blockchain company that produces and maintains a decentralized content sharing and publishing platform. We also touch on Jeremy’s previous venture, TopScore, which is a startup Jeremy founded that processes millions of dollars monthly in event and activity registrations.

During the last half of the show, Jeremy and I discuss The Free State Project. The Free State Project is a mass migration of more than 20,000 people who have pledged to move to New Hampshire for liberty. By concentrating their numbers in a single state, their goal is to maximize their impact as activists, entrepreneurs, community builders, and thought leaders.

Free Staters are neighborly, productive folks from all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors, who are on a mission to prove that more liberty leads to more prosperity for everyone.

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Open Speech is Essential To Correcting the Bad Behavior of Alex Jones

First they came for the Foreign Trolls, Now they Come for the Domestic Trolls

Chris Spangle

The deplatforming of Alex Jones has me fired up. Why? I was 18 when 9-11, and I then became active in politics. I lived through the lead up to the Iraq War where I saw, and participated in, the silencing of anti-war activists. They were right, I was wrong, and a million people died.

I’ve watched the media and the 2-party political apparatus create propaganda out of false information which is then used to marginalize, criminalize, and kill American citizens. Once the citizenry was behind the “patriotic” and “right” things as a result of major media and political newspeak, the government implemented policies that range from subtle conditioning (TSA) to the destruction of the fourth amendment (Prism).

Announcing WAL Politics

A New Brand from We Are Libertarians

From Chris Spangle:

Thanks for making 2017 our best year ever. We added 1,000 subscribers every month. Our Patreon nearly has 100 subscribers with $1000 a month funding our growth. As I look to the future, I am tweaking the online presence of what I do. The podcasts will not change. The We Are Libertarians website, Facebook, and overall brand will be very libertarian focused. I am launching the WAL Politics brand for political commentary. Why two separate buckets? In short, it is about setting clear expectations of what the masses are getting from my brands.

Over the past year, I’ve watched the outside world struggle with our opinion on current events. We lose 20ish people a day on the Facebook pages because it fails to match their version of libertarianism or it conflicts with their bias. People initially hit We Are Libertarians looking for information about libertarianism. I want this to continue to be an effective leader in growing the libertarian movement, my brand as a political commentator, and our community. The WAL website and Facebook will now be more libertarianism-focused.

Once we get them woke, then we will move them to the more day-to-day analysis of WAL Politics. This is where I will continue to post information I think people need, my view on current events, submissions from contributors, and it will be more news-focused. I’ve also run into problems getting credentials for political events because of the inherently partisan name of WAL. This gives me some cover when I eventually start covering events like Presidential primaries (when I can do this full-time).

My eventual end goal is to work at WAL full-time. The Chris Spangle Show is currently a feed where I’m teaching about podcasting, but it will end up a daily podcast in the vein of the Ben Shapiro Show. The WAL podcast will continue as it has been the last couple months. The numbers are up from 5,000 an episode in September to an average of 7,000 per episode, which puts us in the top 1% of all podcasts. I don’t dare change what is working.


Chris Spangle

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The Real Story of Collusion Emerges in the Mueller Investigation

A friend recently asked me to boil down the Russian-Trump investigations. What were the smoking guns? What had he supposedly done wrong? The truth is that no one has articulated clearly and accurately what Trump or his campaign had done wrong. I offered the following analysis:

Incredibly, the educated guess has become a reality due to leaks, likely from Republicans on various Congressional committees, which are exposing the seedy inner workings of the FBI and the special prosecutor’s investigation. One text, in particular, is a damning piece of evidence.