BNS 776: Alone No More – How the WhiteFlag App is Rewriting the Rules on Peer Support

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Struggling with depression or anxiety? Feeling alone and with no one to talk to?

This powerhouse episode of The Brian Nichols Show tackles the taboo topic of mental health head on. Host Brian Nichols is joined by guests Spike Cohen and Jonny McCoy, founder of the revolutionary app WhiteFlag, as they dive deep into creating community support systems. Get ready to have your perspective on mental health radically transformed.

Johnny shares his incredibly moving personal story of trauma and adversity that led him to eventually create WhiteFlag. After suffering immensely with no real support system, Johnny realized the incredible power of truly connecting with others going through similar struggles. White Flag allows users to instantly and anonymously find someone to relate to, no matter how dark or stigmatized the issue may be.

Spike also provides tremendous insight, drawing parallels between the mission of WhiteFlag and his own organization, You Are The Power. They both aim to empower individuals by showing them they are not alone. Spike explains the science behind why human connection is so critical in mental health crises and details tangible ways WhiteFlag has already saved thousands of lives.

Brian then weighs in on how this decentralized, community-driven approach to mental health is visionary and revolutionary. By removing gatekeepers and embracing authentic peer support, WhiteFlag gets to the heart of what works. Brian shares his own struggles with weight and how connecting with someone going through the same thing was transformational.

Johnny and Spike deliver an inspiring call to action, inviting listeners to get involved with WhiteFlag’s mission. You can also support their efforts by investing in WhiteFlag’s current crowdfunding campaign here.

Whether you are struggling and need support or are healed enough to help others, WhiteFlag provides an incredible opportunity to change lives.

Download the app and see the power of community that’ll give you a new appreciation for mental health and human connection!

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