BNS 800: The COVID Awakening – When Doctors Started Asking Questions

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What if everything we were told about COVID-19 was wrong? Today’s guest is blowing the lid off the COVID narrative.

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When COVID-19 first emerged, the medical community scrambled to understand this mysterious new virus. As a hospitalist working on the frontlines, Richelle Voth witnessed firsthand how protocols like Remdesivir failed to improve patient outcomes. After researching alternative therapies, she began utilizing repurposed drugs like Ivermectin with great success. However, she faced pushback for questioning official narratives.

In this interview, Voth details how COVID-19 and its “accepted” treatments caused a disturbing array of neurological, cardiac, and other adverse reactions in her patients. She recounts one remarkable recovery where Ivermectin resolved acute psychosis in a patient with no other explanation. As more patients shared similar stories, Voth could no longer ignore the correlations. She explains her journey of overcoming fear to “Follow the Science”.

Voth provides glimmers of hope amongst the grim research emerging about COVID treatments. At her functional medicine clinic, Meehan MD, her team takes an individualized, root-cause approach to restore health in those suffering post-COVID/treatment complications. She discusses innovative lab testing and novel treatments personalized to each patient. Even for complex cases, creative medical detectives like Voth help patients reclaim their vitality.

Host Brian Nichols explores why public trust in health institutions has eroded after years of shifting narratives, goalpost moving, and vilification of dissenting experts. Voth explains how physicians can rebuild trust through transparency, patient autonomy, and reclaiming the sacred patient-doctor relationship. She believes we can create positive change by giving patients ownership in their care.

If you’ve felt gaslit by official COVID responses or are struggling with lingering symptoms, don’t miss this empowering conversation.

Richelle Voth brings integrity, clinical wisdom, and hope that recovery is possible, even from adverse treatment reactions. Together, we can re-envision a new era of medicine that honors the sovereignty of both patient and physician!

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