BHOL 354: New Indiana Laws; Happy Hour; Presidential Exit Ramp; McLaren files for Divorce

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Episode 354 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! 

Jeremiah Morrell and Chase Peyton are your hosts. Zach Burcham is the producer. Indiana just had a bunch of new laws take effect. Happy Hour is back, We have “Green Alerts”, Adult Websites are now more complicated. Good luck selling your farm to China.

Nationally, there was a big debate between President Biden and former President Trump, and a whole nation panicked. Can either candidate be replaced? And if so, who would get picked? What options will we have in Indiana? Likely only Chase Oliver as an alternate. RFK Jr is looking very unlikely on our ballot.

Sports includes Chase complaining about his fantasy football league, and McLaren firing another driver. Alexander Rossi is going to have to find a new place to race. Jeremiah has an idea about two dishwashers. And we wonder what the iron anniversary is about.

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