307: Cost of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All, Death Penalty, Torture

Chris Spangle and Harry Price break down the cost of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All and fact check if the Koch Brother’s proved $2 Trillion in savings, cover a man that died a gruesome death from an execution in Tennessee, Gina Haspel’s torture memos get released, and we debut Undercovered News.

Time Stamps

  • Cost of Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All – [00:09:32]
  • Billy Ray Irick Dies Painful Death in Tennessee – [00:51:18]
  • Gina Haspel Memos Released and Libertarian Opinion of Torture – [01:22:24]
  • Uncovered News – [01:51:44]
  • We Are Libertarians Mailbag – [02:10:10]
  • Brian Nichols Show Update – [02:16:28]
  • Final Thoughts – [02:20:01]

Show Notes



Medicare For All

Patron Letter

“I subscribed b/c Mr. Spangle seems like a reasonable guy to spread the word of liberty. I like that he doesn’t engage in purity tests. I like that he puts forth an effort to learn before the show.” – Scott Smith

Billy Ray Irick Dies Painful Death in Tennessee

Gina Haspel Memos Released

Natural Rights

Undercovered News

Media plus government equals

I tried to boil down things we see in media and what the government sells us and I think I found a common thread between most stories. I have been watching the news lately from the right and left and the common theme seems to me to be; fear, safety and security are in jeopardy, outrage, willful blindness of inconsistency, and dehumanization or lack of empathy. I would say close to 80 percent of stories I saw the news pushing had one or more of these themes. All of the above mentioned themes of the news cycle and government policy reflect these tendencies, which don’t require much thought to understand the scope of the argument that one side is pushing. Nuance has no place in this day and age for the average person. You go to the sites you trust because they reinforce your beliefs and you don’t have to go through with the death of your ego in light of new information. Honestly this may sound kinda dumb and far-fetched but I heard a podcast with a psychiatrist who looked objectively at where the culture was going and said that the reason we are heading this way was the deification of self-esteem and happiness over reason and purpose. – Grant Hendley

306: The Building and Destruction of a Media Brand

Chris Spangle and Chris Gault welcome Johnny Rocket and Raylene Lightheart of the Blast Off podcast (formerly the Johnny Rocket Launchpad) to discuss the deplatformming of Alex Jones, re-inventing a podcast, and how to fall in love with libertarianism. We also discuss the new NYC Uber ban. Check out their show at https://thelaunchpadmedia.com/blastoff/. Special Guest: Johnny Rocket.

305: Alex Jones Gets Deplatformed, Dems Want Social Media Regulation, Death Penalty

Chris Spangle and Harry Price share their controversial opinion on the mass deletion of InfoWars and Alex Jones from social media, Democrats circulate a plan to regulate the internet and social companies, we ask why Austin Peterson lost, and Brian Nichols calls in to discuss the libertarian position on the Death Penalty. Become a WAL Patron to hear our bonus episode on Chris’s attendance of Podcast Movement.


  • [5:40 - Alex Jones Deplatformed]
  • [52:30 - Democrats Release Plan to Regulate the Internet]
  • [01:15:40 - Austin Petersen Loses in Missouri]
  • [01:21:08 - Path to Libertarianism - The Death Penalty with Brian Nichols]

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Show Notes

Alex Jones and InfoWars

Democrats Roll Out Plans to Regulate the Internet

Austin Peterson Loses Election

Libertarian Opinion on the Death Penalty

304: The Swamp Explained – Russian and Trump, The Jones Act

In the second episode of our series “The Swamp, Explained”, Chris Spangle and Rob Quartel go in depth on how Washington works.

Rob gives us a view of Russian meddling and possible Trump collusion from the swamp. Rob explains the Jones Act.

Rob has lived and worked in Washington DC for 40 years. He worked for the EPA and the Ford and H.W. Bush campaigns. Check out his resume here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-quartel-5291553/ 

Have questions for Rob? Email us – editor@wearelibertarians.com

303: Homelessness

Chris Spangle and Mark Warner discuss homelessness in America. Warner worked for a homeless shelter for nearly a decade before going into politics. They discuss why someone becomes homeless and how local communities can manage populations without government intervention.

The Cost 6: Miah’s Story – The Life of an Outcast

What happens when society makes a person a pariah? Our podcast Creating Miah is a conversation between Chris Spangle and Miah Akston as she transitions from male to female. More than that, it is a process of self-discovery and a hard look at social norms in our society. In this episode, originally recorded for Creating Miah in Series Two, Episode Two, Miah contemplates suicide. https://soundcloud.com/wearelibertarians/sets/creating-miah-a-transgender-podcast

The Cost 5: Rachel’s Story – Profit Over Lives in Our Prisons

Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz sit down to talk to Claude “Woody” Wood and Linda Martel of Indianapolis, IN about the death of Woody’s daughter Rachel Wood while an inmate in Indiana prisons. It is is a difficult story that shows us the tragic results of an inhumane system. Be sure to read the coverage of this story in the South Bend Tribune by Virginia Black. This was originally episode 91 of We Are Libertarians.

302: Russian Hackers Indicted, Trump And Putin

Chris Spangle, Tad Western, and Matt Wittleif discuss the indictment of 12 Russian hackers, what it means for the collusion investigation, and we break down Trump’s press conference with Putin.

Show Links:

301: Firing A Gun For the First Time

Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Paul Copeland recap Spangle’s first time shooting a gun and what perceptions changed towards firearms. We also examine the gotcha journalism of Sacha Baron Cohen.