BNS 35: Democratic Party NYS Assembly Candidate Keith Rubino

The Brian Nichols Show

Today, I am joined by Keith Rubino! Keith is the Democratic Party candidate for the 118th Assembly District in Northern New York. He has a degree in communications from SUNY Oswego and he’s been employed by A.R.C. Herkimer, Upstate Cerebral Palsy, and currently working at Central New York DSO to care for people with special disabilities.

Yes, Keith a Democrat… a Bernie Sanders supporting Democrat at that! But that didn’t stop us from having an absolutely phenomenal discussion about the issues that New York State is facing. Listen as we discuss Keith’s support of democratic socialism (and my rebuttal), welfare, universal education, universal healthcare, and the value of putting people over party.

This episode is the exact reason I started The Brian Nichols Show. Having Keith on allowed us to have an intelligent, respectful conversation despite our differences and actually have an opportunity to find some common ground.

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18: A Review of Bob Woodward’s Fear

The Chris Spangle Show

Chris Spangle reviews the new Bob Woodward book titled Fear. It is surprisingly helpful and generous to the President. His staff is not.

* Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward –
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CSS 17: Why Identity Politics is Prevalent

The Chris Spangle Show

Chris Spangle outlines why identity politics has become a central tactic of those that lean revolutionary and how it impacts those that are reactionary.

WAL 314: Immigration, Democrats Lose their Mind, NYT Op-Ed

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle, Tad Western, and Low Rated Russian Rob Kendall joins us to talk about his local celebrity as an up-and-coming talk show host, they debate immigration, McCain’s legacy, ask why the Kavanaugh hearings have become so insane, how memes led to Spangle not attending a wedding, and Rob’s feeling about the Trump administration. This was recorded live at Tad’s ranch with a special appearance from Corey Barker.

BHOL 76: Ghost Peppers – Darrin Jacobs – Senate Race

Boss Hog of Liberty

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the final (we think) episode of BHOL from the Davis home studio. To help close it out, Chase Peyton and Audrey Jo Davis sit in the studio.

Darrin Jacobs comes by to educate us on what a county planning commission actually does, and their role in creating ordinances. Darrin also serves as the President of the Spiceland town council. Dakota and Darrin nerd out over electric delivery methods.

Darrin shows off this green thumb and brought in some homegrown ghost peppers. Against all medical advice, everyone in the studio ate a pepper… We will warn you… It is a great video, but some less than ideal podcast audio. Make sure you watch the YouTube video for the full experience at

Finally, the guys try to get through a conversation about the US Senate race… And then Jeremiah got a bad idea to eat another pepper. That pretty much ended things. This one is memorable.


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CSS 16: First They Banned Alex Jones. Joe Rogan Will Be Next.

The Chris Spangle Show

Joe Rogan is being criticized for his interview of Elon Musk by Motherboard, a Vice tech blog. There is a pattern for the destruction of independent media figures like Milo Yiannopoulos , Gavin McInnes, Jordan Peterson, and Alex Jones. This article is the beginning for Rogan.

Here is the pattern:

  1. A millennial, liberal blogger posts a dishonest representation of a media personality.
  2. Other liberal bloggers Tweet or re-blog the piece echoing the falsehoods.
  3. Media Matters begins monitoring the personality. They take past and future statements out of context.
  4. Newspapers report on the personality’s out-of-context statements under the guise of “danger to democracy.”
  5. Op-Ed writers and cable news talking heads debate the morality of the out-of-context, false comments. This debate spills over to social media and becomes totally detached from the original content. The repetition makes it true to the majority of people.
  6. Journalists begin asking public figures if it is appropriate to appear on the program using social proof to make it seem dangerous or wrong. CEOs of social platforms are asked to denounce the media figure. This makes company lawyers, shareholders, and vain CEOs panic over the bad press.
  7. Wait for the most convenient “controversy” to be created by this system to justify the removal of the media figure.
  8. It is at this point that the figure is abandoned by employers, sponsors, corporations, allies, and friends that aren’t willing to be subjected to the appearance of support for whatever fake hate speech or violence that the narrative pushes. The chilling effect causes members of the media figure’s echo chamber to self-censor.
  9. The population has been so thoroughly propagandized that they don’t protest the action which encourages the censors to move to the next victim.
  10. The system is then applied to an ever-increasing amount of figures that politically disagree with the network of liberal writers at click-bait mills like Mediaite, HuffPo, Raw Story, and Buzzfeed.

The Joe Rogan Experience Is a Safe Space to Launder Bad Ideas –