BHOL 349: Rex Bell is Retiring – 50 years in Business and Politics

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Episode 349 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

Jeremiah Morrell and Zach Burcham are our hosts today. Our special guest is Rex Bell. Rex is retiring after running Bell Contracting for 50 years. Rex tells us how he got started, stories along the way, and how he did it all with his original hammer. He says he never had any major injuries…His wife, Judge Bell tells us he nearly lost an ear, but Rex contends that it was just a flesh wound.

In addition to the 50 years in business, Rex found himself involved in Libertarian Politics and as an author. Rex won over 20 percent of the vote in a 3 candidate race for State Representative, gaining the highest vote percentage for a third party candidate in 100 years. He won precincts as a candidate for State Rep, Congress, and even in his 2016 run for Governor. All kinds of great stories along the way!

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