BNS 762: Texas Border Chaos EXPOSED – America First Republican Demands Action on Border Betrayal

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The Texas Border Chaos EXPOSED- Republican outsider Julie Clark blows the whistle on the lawless crisis Democrats are hiding. This shocking truth should alarm you and compel all Americans to take action.

In this explosive interview on The Brian Nichols Show, Julie rips the lid off the horrific conditions at the Texas border. She reveals chilling threats posed by traffickers, cartels, and an unknown influx of potentially dangerous migrants.

Julie describes the complete loss of sovereignty, how ranchers and homeowners are losing everything. She explains the corrupt forces enabling this humanitarian and security catastrophe.

And she exposes the incumbent Republican congressman ACTIVELY fighting to keep the border open and flood America with unknown migrants. Their actions betray constituents, taxpayers and all citizens, says Julie.

Julie then makes an impassioned, compelling case for sealing the border and restoring law and order. This is a must-watch episode for every American who cares about the future of our country.

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