BNS 779: True Conspiracies – How False Flags & Fake News Craft the Narrative through LIES

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What happens when conspiracy theories turn out to be true?

On this edition of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols has an in-depth discussion with Connor Boyack from the Libertas Institute about “true conspiracies” – theories that were once dismissed but later proven to be fact. They delve into a number of historical examples, including Project MK Ultra, Operation Northwoods, the Tuskegee Experiments, and more.

Boyack provides fascinating details on these “true conspiracies,” explaining how the government and other entities have deceived the public throughout history to advance certain agendas. He makes the case that we should be more skeptical when presented with narratives from official sources, given this track record of lies and manipulation.

Nichols and Boyack also examine how emotions are exploited to manufacture consent, using recent Middle East conflicts as a case study. They discuss the techniques of “engineering consent” and how these psychological tactics are being employed in the modern “mind war.”

In addition, the two liberty advocates talk about focusing your activism locally and outline strategies for creating change starting with your own family and sphere of influence. They share inspirational examples of young people who have made an impact after learning history and principles from resources like Boyack’s Tuttle Twins books.

This jam-packed episode of The Brian Nichols Show is full of eye-opening information about government conspiracies, war propaganda, mass manipulation, and more. Tune in to hear this insightful discussion about real conspiracies that have shaped world events and what we can do to spread truth!

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