BHOL 25: Cat Anagnos & Danny Morrell – Pence tries to ruin Peyton Manning Day

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Episode 25 is a celebratory episode of Boss Hog of Liberty!

The silver anniversary show. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by the most listened to guest in the history of the show, Cat Anagnos. Audrey Jo Peavie was scheduled to join us but called in sick at the last moment. Jeremiah’s baby brother Danny Morrell got off the couch and joined in progress.

The cast discussed their weekend camping trip, a possible tattoo for Jeremiah if the listeners love us enough, and the incredible Garth Brooks concert experience.

Danny arrives and Dakota has him locked out. Danny scales a fence, gun in hand and tries to break in during the show.
Dakota reports on a story involving a Watermelon and some firefighters in Detroit.

Finally, they discuss Mike Pence attempting to steal the story from Peyton Manning at the Colts game over the weekend.


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