BHOL 26: Darrin Jacobs – Indiana Guns – Jim Lucas proposal

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Episode 26 is now ready!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined one again by Clay Morgan after his one week suspension.
Token socialist Darrin Jacobs makes his triumphant appearance on the program again.
Everyone takes the Advocates world’s smallest political quiz. Clay turns out to be a libertarian. He can join at, along with all of our listeners. Darrin is the ultimate moderate.

Like any good guest, Darrin brought a gift for the studio!

We focused on Jim Lucas’s recent proposal for licensing the 1st amendment in Indiana, using the same language as is in place for the 2nd amendment. The guys discussed and update in Indiana hunting regulations which accidentally banned rifles on public ground for this upcoming deer season. It is noted that Phyllis Klosinski tried to warn everyone about this possibility when we had a ballot question about hunting in the last election.

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