7 Signs You are being Emotionally Manipulated for Political and Financial Gain

You are a puppet being used by the 1% for power and fortune. Before I prove it — no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on — I want to share where I’m coming from so you know I mean no malice. You see, my profession is copywriting. A copywriter — particularly a […]

Screwed: Why Young People Are Turning to Libertarianism

This week, both Learn Liberty and We Are Libertarians posed the question,  “Why are you a libertarian?” We used the hashtag #wearelibertarians on Twitter, whereas Learn Liberty used Tumblr. The other difference is that they specifically asked the younger generation, whereas we asked everyone. It really isn’t a hard question to answer. The simplest response […]

Are Libertarians Selfish Jerks?

As a Libertarian who frequents right-leaning, left-leaning, and independent news sources on a daily basis, I sometimes get to hear what people think of libertarians. The left is particularly angry with libertarians and tends to throw out this insult: “Libertarians are selfish.” * The aforementioned qualifier is a common descriptor of libertarianism. Of course, it […]

Look Out Limbaugh, Chicks on the Right Hate Women More Than You Do…

By: Lynn Swayze Wilson Like any self-respecting woman, I read the much talked about debut post by Chicks on the Right on the Indianapolis Star’s website. Being the only major, local paper (the Indy Star), one does not have many options. The post was a good introduction to the kind of writing that the Indiana-based […]

Swayze: Progressive Libertarianism

Note: Read Greg’s post, “Libertarians Restoring Morality Through Choice”, which partly influenced this post. I have struggled to really understand my problems with the Libertarian Party. Much of it had to do with the fact that I come from a left-leaning background and not a right-leaning background like some of the other contributors here on […]

Swayze: Common Core – Let’s Rise Above the Mark

Ruiz wrote an article on March 19, 2013 entitled, “Say No to the common Core!“. He wrote: Imagine Indiana legislators saying, “Okay. This is where these national educators think we need to be moving forward. Let’s examine where we are currently as a state and choose to rebuild our standards moving beyond the mark that […]