AuthorLynn Swayze

Contributor Lynn Swayze is a left-leaning libertarian and feminist. When she's not engaging in political discussion, she works as a freelance direct response copywriter, project manager, and marketing strategist for information marketers. Follow her on Twitter @LynnSwayze.

Are Libertarians Selfish Jerks?

As a Libertarian who frequents right-leaning, left-leaning, and independent news sources on a daily basis, I sometimes get to hear what people think...


Syria: A Woman’s Perspective

Where were you when 9/11 happened? Personally, I was a freshman in high school when 9/11 happened. I remember the fear that I experienced very...

A Dear John Letter to Government

  A Dear John Letter to my government. No more wars! Dear John, You promised all sorts of great things when we first met. Ideas such as liberty...


Swayze: Progressive Libertarianism

Note: Read Greg’s post, “Libertarians Restoring Morality Through Choice”, which partly influenced this post. I have struggled to...


Swayze: We Are All Libertarians

Lately I have had a few issues with my own views on Libertarianism, as well as with my fellow Libertarians. I still struggle with finding Libertarian...