Swayze: Monsanto Protection Act, The Government and Your Health

While people like me were talking about gay marriage, our government was very quietly going about taking away more rights. As libertarians, we don’t often talk about food and our health, but it’s important. The right to eat healthy food, feed your children what you want, and grow and sell what you want is being […]

Swayze: While the Institution Stands, We Stand for Equality.

First of all, I applaud Paul Gable in his post, “Gable: Marriage Equality” . I am also proud that We Are Libertarians agreed to post it at all. He says,“Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you get those three unalienable rights ONLY if you are a heterosexual adult. And, during the Civil Rights movement, […]

Swayze: Perfect Libertarianism and Your Fire Extinguisher

Forgive me if I betray my Baptist upbringing in this post. Anyway, here goes: Advocating for self-government is like a fire extinguisher. Let me back up. Advocating for self government is like THIS fire extinguisher: See, we recently moved into a townhome and this was the extinguisher in our apartment. The only extinguisher in our […]