A Dear John Letter to Government



A Dear John Letter to my government. No more wars!

Dear John,

You promised all sorts of great things when we first met. Ideas such as liberty, justice, opportunity, and fair representation were all that you could talk about. And really, I was enthralled. I was head over heels in love with what you stood for.

But over the years you’ve changed. You’ve let old friends sway you. I could no longer hold your ear, and even though you’ve paid me lip service. I no longer have your heart. You’ve made decisions to involve us both in conflicts under the guise that I approved. That I knew the facts and fully supported what was done in my name.

The truth is anything but. The truth is that I’ve never had all the facts. You’ve lied to me about what was really going on; about who was really buzzing in your ear.

You took on mistresses without even bothering to take off your ring. And now that I see it, it’s too late. I’ve allowed your actions to go on for far too long. I’ve believed that maybe things were okay –  denial, I think they call it. Right now, dearest John, I am angry.

Now that I see that you aren’t going to change; that you aren’t going to be what you claimed to be; that you have no desire to become what you were in the beginning, I will no longer hide your secret. I will no longer hide your dirty, laundry and your lies and your greed. I will no longer lend my name to your fights.

Dear John,

This is the end for you and I.


Jane Doe


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Contributor Lynn Swayze is a left-leaning libertarian and feminist. When she's not engaging in political discussion, she works as a freelance direct response copywriter, project manager, and marketing strategist for information marketers. Follow her on Twitter @LynnSwayze.

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