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Ripley: Rhetoric Chess

Shortly after joining the Libertarian Party I realized that this is a community of intelligent, policy-minded individuals. Discussions can become...


Eppenbaugh: Racism & Engineering

  It is a given that students in college will always try to find some way to make life a bit more exciting in between studying at 3am...


Morrell: The Mike Pence Plan

  This might come as a surprise to pretty much everyone: I am a Libertarian and a pragmatist. I want a slim government (Local, State, and...


Knarr: “DOMA” is a Misnomer

DOMA, which stands for the Defense of Marriage Act, is quite inappropriately named. First of all, there is nothing contained in it that defends my...


Eppenbaugh: First Amendment Radio Wars

“Congress shall make no law […or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; […].” There is a reason that the First Amendment encompassed as...