BNS 786: How Changes to Antitrust Laws Could Crush Innovation & Jack Up Your Prices

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Do you want Washington bureaucrats deciding what prices stores can charge you? Changes coming to antitrust law could make that a reality.

Join host Brian Nichols and special guest Carl Szabo as they dive into a HOT debate on antitrust laws and how proposed changes could lead to the government controlling prices. This controversial topic has huge implications for your wallet, with antitrust enforcers like Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “acolytes” aiming to limit big tech and e-commerce companies like Amazon and Google. Get the insider scoop straight from Szabo, an expert in internet law, on how this could reduce innovation and jack up costs.

Nichols and Szabo don’t just present problems – they offer ACTIONABLE solutions normal citizens can take. Learn about the proposed One Agency Act which could streamline antitrust enforcement and preserve the consumer-friendly standard that’s fueled growth for decades. Szabo highlights specific cases where mergers and acquisitions were blocked despite benefiting consumers.

The lively back-and-forth between Nichols and Szabo covers a range of angles on antitrust laws. They steelman the counterargument – does consolidation always lead to monopoly pricing power? How do you balance competition and innovation? Szabo argues today’s tech giants offer more choice than ever thanks to constantly improving quality and lowering costs. Tune in to hear the most compelling points made on both sides of this divisive issue.

Beyond antitrust laws, Nichols and Szabo delve into broader themes like the importance of economic freedom and America’s unique innovative spirit. Szabo contrasts the creativity unleashed in America versus other parts of the world constrained by excessive regulation. You’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for the conditions that have made the U.S. a global leader in pioneering new technologies.

If you want an uncensored, razor-sharp analysis of antitrust laws from experts on the front lines, this episode is a must-listen. Nichols and Szabo pull no punches in scrutinizing policies they feel would stifle innovation and hurt consumers. Their knowledgeable discussion will leave you better equipped to evaluate changes that could impact your finances and economic opportunities. Tune in now to get pumped up and informed!

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