BNS 771: How Does this Creator use Comics on the Frontlines of the Culture War!?

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Forget politics as usual. This comic creator is using superheroes to spark a libertarian renaissance.

On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian is joined by comic provocateur Jack Llyod, who is on a mission to shake up the culture using comics. Follow Jack’s journey from lawyer to teacher to comic scribe bent on vividly bringing voluntarism to life.

Jack unveils The Voluntaryist, his cosmic limited series that flips the script on the conventional comic universe. When a young man gains uncanny powers after a mysterious event, he’s marked for capture by the government goons. Will our reluctant hero embrace freedom or fall prey to the authoritarian regime? The philosophical underpinnings come to life in this action saga.

Brian and Jack analyze why libertarians have struggled in pop culture while progressives have thrived. Jack emphasizes the need for killer stories and stellar visuals to succeed, looking to trailblazers like Eric July. The independent comic renaissance opens new doors, and the enthusiastic response proves there’s a desire for edgy liberty stories.

Brian describes the importance of engagement through culture, using the power of mythos seen in everything from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Compelling stories seed ideas in hearts and minds. Thus, creators play a pivotal role in the war of ideas through art.

Brian and Jack issue a call to creative arms to produce culture that shifts freedom forward. From music to movies, quality and execution are essential. Passionate art to change worldviews is within reach. Find out more about Jack’s epic libertarian quest at – and get ready to join the comics insurgency!

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