BNS 772: The Creativity CRISIS – Chad Stewart on Igniting Creativity & Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

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Are schools killing our kid’s creativity? Get ready to dive into a fascinating discussion on creativity, education, and empowering the next generation with Brian Nichols and bestselling children’s book author Chad Stewart.

In today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian and Chad expose how traditional schooling methods are killing creativity in kids. They reference eye-opening research showing creativity scores dropping from 98% in 5-year-olds to just 12% by age 15. Chad shares his insights from personally presenting to over 40,000 students on a national school tour. He observed how the industrialized education model of conformity and standardization stifles curiosity, risk-taking, and imagination. Yet, creativity remains the number one skill employers desire globally.

Chad takes us behind the scenes of his award-winning children’s book series Britfield. Chad wrote Britfield over 10 years to provide an antidote to the saturation of nonsensical fantasy genres. The fast-paced contemporary adventure novels inspire kids to connect with relatable characters and themes. Brian and Chad discuss how books like Britfield help instill critical thinking and problem-solving versus magical thinking.

The two explore solutions for nurturing creativity including homeschooling, modeling creative pursuits as parents, and giving kids space for free play and exploration. Chad shares how the homeschooling revolution is yielding some of the most incredible, well-rounded students he’s ever met. Brian emphasizes how focusing on the next generation, rather than just current affairs, is key for building the future.

Chad gives recommendations for parents and kids including writing stories together and turning interests into projects. He advises removing limiting vocabulary like “can’t” and finding ways to pursue passions. Chad recaps how Britfield is bringing creativity and empowerment to classrooms nationwide.

This compelling discussion will give you hope and energize you to foster the promise in our youth. Tune in to learn how to spark creativity, reimagine education, and equip the next generation with the skills they need to thrive. Discover how we can each play a part in shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

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