BNS 77: Dismantling the Two-Party System by Changing the Way We Vote with Aaron Hamlin from The Center for Election Science

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“My vote just doesn’t matter…”

Have you heard this before? Or perhaps have you caught yourself saying that exact same phrase?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As a mater of fact, I’ve said as much myself. With the “choose-one” voting system, many voters feel that their votes simply don’t matter in today’s electoral system. That’s where today’s guest, Aaron Hamlin, and the organization he co-founded, “The Center for Election Science”, comes into play.

See, Aaron and his team have been on a mission to help change the way that American voters look at the electoral system by helping promote and institute alternative voting methods, like that of the “approval voting”, can help third-party and independent candidates gain momentum, eliminate the “spoiler effect”, and actually win elections!

Listen to learn how The Center for Election Science has been promoting approval voting, some wins they’ve tallied up, and the future prospects of changing our outdated voting system!

Aaron’s Bio:
Aaron Hamlin is the executive director and co-founder of The Center for Election Science. He’s been featured as an electoral systems expert on, NPR, Free Speech TV, Inside Philanthropy, 80K Hours, and Popular Mechanics, and has given talks across the country on voting methods. He’s written for Deadspin, USA Today Magazine, Independent Voter Network, and others. Additionally, Aaron is a licensed attorney with two additional graduate degrees in the social sciences.

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