BHOL 123: CAN government “SAVE” the Theater? Should it be saved?

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Boss Hog of Liberty is back again!
Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Chris Guffey makes it all sound great!

The City of New Castle has put in a bid on the Castle Theatre. The guys talk about the prospects of a government entity getting in the real estate business. Is this the only way to “save” a building? We go DEEP into the rabbit hole. How do you get operate it going forward?

Henry County Memorial Park is possibly looking at a name change. The park board did not take action, so now the County Commissioners are going to hear the request. Very interesting times!

Producer Chris is running for City Council. This week he is doing a police ride along, and visiting most of the departments. Stay tuned for his tale!

Jeremiah almost lost his life in a kayaking accident. To get that story join any level at

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