BNS 748: Grassroots Efforts & Local Elections – Establishing Trust with Voters

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Discover the captivating journey of Joshua Toms, a former liberal turned Libertarian City Council candidate, as he joins host Brian Nichols on The Brian Nichols Show. Together, they delve into Toms‘ transformation from left-leaning politics to embracing property rights and the democratization of government. Tune in to learn how Toms‘ unique experiences in countries like China have shaped his views on wealth, social, and class disparities. Gain insights into the impact of local politics and why Toms believes that being involved at the grassroots level can lead to tangible wins for the Libertarian movement.

As Toms sets his sights on Lebanon, Ohio’s City Council, discover the pressing issues he aims to tackle. Explore his plans for affordable housing, improved transportation, and better education within the local community. By focusing on these vital areas, Toms seeks to make a direct impact on the lives of his constituents. Join the conversation on The Brian Nichols Show to gain a deeper understanding of libertarian candidates’ political beliefs and their commitment to addressing critical community issues.

In this thought-provoking episode, the discussion extends beyond local politics, touching upon the government’s encroachment on citizens’ rights and the role of technology in various countries. Delve into the complexities of government overreach, the impact of COVID-19 on politics, and the potential for sanctuary states to protect individual rights. Gain insights into the use of advanced technologies like shotput, triangulate microphones, and Stingray devices, and their implications for privacy and personal freedoms. Discover why transparency, accountability, and grassroots efforts are essential in combating government overreach and fostering a more inclusive and just society.

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