Liberty Explained: Can someone be a racist and be a libertarian?

Can someone be a libertarian while also being a racist, nationalist, or white supremacist? 

The question involves the concept of what it means to apply the label “libertarian” to one’s identity. The traditional definition of libertarianism is the denial of force as a tool for political or social change. So it is possible that one could hold racist beliefs while not wanting to use government to implement their ends, however ugly they may be. 

The problem is that Nazis, nationalists, and racists typically do not want their beliefs to stop at the end of their driveway. All three are a form of collectivism that usually lead the person to see force as a tool for social change. 

Libertarianism rejects all forms of collectivism. We embrace individualism and individual rights. This means supporting the right of the individual to live their life as they see fit free from collective or state control. It means recognizing the dignity and worth of all individuals. Libertarians want to protect any minority group from the schemes of the majority in an effort to use its power to hurt those out of power.

Free markets demand peaceful cooperation between different groups or factions, so in a free society, there is no financial incentive to hold these beliefs. 

This lessens the likelihood of these ideologies existing. Government force is necessary to enshrine and protect these twisted ideologies because the majority of people reject them.

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