BNS 688: Why Libertarians Need to Prioritize CULTURE WARS

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How can cultural conversations help spread the Libertarian message? Tune into The Brian Nichols Show, where host Brian Nichols and guest Brian McWilliams of the “Mean Age Daydream” podcast discuss the power of cultural conversations in spreading the Libertarian message.

McWilliams argues that Libertarians should take advantage of social media to engage people in conversations about trending topics and add their insight. He emphasizes that culture leads politics and engaging in cultural conversations is essential for political success. Nichols agrees and adds that Libertarians often have fun conversations about culture that can help spread the Libertarian message.

But it’s not just about having fun conversations. Nichols and McWilliams discuss the importance of prioritizing culture wars over election campaigns to spread the Libertarian message. They emphasize the need for leaders that people can look up to and emulate, rather than those who are “hot messes.” They cite a recent podcast episode about beloved author Roald Dahl as an example of how engaging in cultural conversations can help spread the Libertarian message.

The conversation also touches on how culture is impacting discussions about the COVID-19 pandemic, with McWilliams pointing out how the New York Times published an opinion piece that allowed a discussion of the effectiveness of masks. Culture is being used to discuss how to live our lives, run our businesses, and educate our children, making cultural conversations essential for political success.

Nichols also shares his experience making YouTube shorts that have been successful in engaging people, even if they love or hate the content. He emphasizes the importance of using social media to get people engaged and shares a meme of a woman working out numbers in her head as an example of how people engage with content.

So if you want to learn how to spread the Libertarian message through cultural conversations, tune into The Brian Nichols Show. It’s time to prioritize culture wars and engage people on important topics.

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