BHOL: 290: Alps Brau Beer & Senator Jim Merritt

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Episode 290 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Zach Burcham are your hosts. Alps Brau beer has been re-launched and Brad Klopfenstein is the driving force. A beer originally found in Indiana in the 1950’s through late 1970’s has now come back in force. Huge turnout for the launch earlier this month, the plan is for the product to be available in Central and Northern Indiana right away!

Brad’s driver tonight is Jim Merritt, who was a member of the Indiana State Senate for 30 years, retiring in 2020. Jim is considering a run for Governor of Indiana in 2024 and we talk about energy policy, criminal justice reform, and political labels. Should school board members have a party label on the ballot? And how much power should the office have, particularly in response to another pandemic?

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