BNS 670: The COVID Conspiracy – UNMASKED

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Get ready to dive into the political side of the COVID-19 pandemic! On this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols is joined by Nick Hudson from Panda, a multidisciplinary organization that provides insightful analysis on COVID-19. Nick reveals that the pandemic is not just a medical issue, but a political one as well. Discover the surprising connections between the intelligence agencies of Western nations and the spread of COVID-19, including the use of fake videos and a plot to keep the truth from the public.

Explore the shocking claims that the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t caused by a virus, but by the spread of panic and hysteria triggered by high sensitivity PCR tests. The conversation delves into the impact this had on healthcare standards, leading to people being isolated, moved from facility to facility, and denied treatment, resulting in increased deaths. The data does not support a viral spread, but instead supports the spread of testing kits.

This episode of The Brian Nichols Show is not just about the COVID-19 pandemic but also highlights the increasing awareness of political and global events among people. Join in as Nick shares his optimism for a better future and the growing number of people waking up to the truth. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion on misinformation, conspiracy theories, and censorship. Will our message be censored again on social media? Stay tuned!


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