BNS 671: The Rise of Gen Z – A New Era For Liberty Begins

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This episode of The Brian Nichols Show delves into the current state of the Libertarian Party and their messaging strategy. Join the discussion as our host, Brian Nichols, and special guest, Chase Oliver, examine the impact of the Mises Caucus on the party and address the elephant in the room – how the party leadership of yesteryear failed to push back against government mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Learn how to effectively reach out to the next generation of voters and engage with them on the issues they care about, without sacrificing your principles as Chase shares his personal experience of running for Congress in a blue district and provides tips on how to connect with voters outside of your political circle.

Later, we explore the changes in the country’s political dynamic, including the influence of 9/11 and the pandemic on personal freedom. Chase says that it’s time for libertarians to step up, be professional in their messaging, and meet voters where they are. Embrace empathy and positivity, and watch as you connect with the next generation of voters and the Gen Z vote.

Don’t miss this must-see episode, where you’ll gain valuable insights, actionable advice, and the chance to turn the tide for the future of liberty. Join us now to start your journey to a better, freer world!

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