BNS 40: Marketing Liberty with Nicholas Veser

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On today’s episode, I’m joined by Nicholas Veser! Veser is best known for his role at Being Libertarian, doing his “Daily Headline” videos (among others), but has well over a decade experience in media production.

Today, Nick joins me to discuss how we can market liberty to those outside the libertarian echo chambers. Sometimes, we have a habit of over-complicating our messaging and arguing about things that simply don’t matter to those outside of our libertarian circles. Together, we discuss ways to break out of our echo chambers via grassroots and digital media and how to make liberty win again!

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Bio: J. Nicholas Veser began his career at an early age on stage and in front of the camera. During his attendance at West Virginia University on a full theatre scholarship, he became interested in hospitality and worked in the industry while performing on Equity stages throughout the Northeast. His creative and leadership strengths eventually landed him Director of Business Travel Sales for The Ritz Carlton, Battery Park in Manhattan. Soon after, he was drawn to the warm weather and endless opportunity of television in South Florida. He began his career with an International Media Company as a Creative Director and ultimately became the Senior Producer for several shows produced by the company. In 2008, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Production where he thrived in the free and creative environment that he created for the many Scriptwriters, Production Coordinators, Editors, Traffic Coordinators, and Directors of Photography. Under his leadership, the team achieved tremendous success including 32 Telly Awards won over a 5-year span. In 2014, Nicholas left his career in Production after 11 years to own and operate a successful tech company.

Although any degree of success is not without its fair share of challenges in 2015 he was faced with his most difficult hurdle yet when an unethical Florida Attorney General crippled his small family owned tech company. This only served to strengthen his resolve and he along with his wife Dawn have now become champions of the Liberty Movement in this country. Big business, political donations, and corruption led to the fight of their lives, and they have made a conscious decision to stand up in the face of injustice until the truth is revealed. Through all of his success and adversity he still considers his greatest achievement to be his 6-year-old son Ryan.

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