BHOL 81: Jeannine Lee Lake – Challenging the VP’s Brother

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Episode 81 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis continue the fan favorite candidate series with Jeannine Lee Lake, candidate for Congress. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Big Bounce of New Castle. In the co-host seat is New Castle City Councilman, Aaron Dicken.

We learn about Jeannine’s interest in politics, the chance meeting with David Letterman and how it helped power her to a win in a crowded primary. This race has been marked by a lack of public appearances and debates by the GOP nominee, Greg Pence, seeking to fill the seat once held by his brother, Vice President Mike Pence.

Topics include transparency, energy, education, civil liberties, civil rights, agriculture, tariffs, and much more!

Note – all candidates on the ballot were invited to join the program, Tom Ferkinhoff will be joining us next week. Greg Pence has declined our invitation, but if their campaign changes their mind, our door is always open.

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