BNS 31: What on Earth is the LNC Doing? with LNC Vice Chair Alex Merced

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On today’s Episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I’m joined by the Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, Alex Merced!

God bless Alex for coming on my show after the past few days of controversy coming from LP National. Listen as Alex and I have a respectful, yet intense back-and-forth as we discussed the messaging coming from LP National about Austin Petersen and his candidacy for the GOP nomination in the Missouri GOP primary, the leadership and messaging coming from LP National leadership (especially from the Chairman, Nicholas Sarwark), and what the role of the LP will be going forward in our electoral and political discourse.

Bio: Alex Merced is the Vice Chair Libertarian National Committee, replacing former Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra at this year’s Libertarian National Convention. Alex is an American author, blogger, marketing consultant, financial industry corporate trainer and Libertarian pundit. Alex is the host of his show, “The Alex Merced Cast” where he discusses Libertarian ideas such as individual liberty and free markets. Alex Merced is also the founder of online commentary website, He has previously ran for Public Advocate of New York City in 2013, Senator of New York in 2016, and for NYC Comptroller in 2017. He is also the Senior Policy Adviser for the Larry Sharpe for New York Campaign.

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