BHOL 73: Rob Kendall – Roncalli Scandal – Can you cut taxes?

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Episode 73 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the legendary tax cutter from Brownsburg India, Rob Kendall. Rob is a We Are Libertarians network alumni, Host of the Rob Kendall Show at 93 WIBC, and producer for the Chicks on the Right’s midday show during the week. Our 3rd chair co-host is the American Hero, Chris Guffey.

We talk local government, Rob’s exclusive interview with President Donald Trump. We learn how you go from volunteer at a radio station to working at the talk radio standard in the Midwest.

Roncalli high school alumni, and Espresso podcast host, Joey Mulinaro called in and we discussed the controversy surrounding a school employee being suspended for being in a same sex marriage. A wildly complicated story, with as many layers as an onion. Should private schools be able to have moral clauses? If there are public dollars going to private schools, should there be strings attached? What happens when someone weaponizes a marriage license?

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