BNS 129: Breaking the Duopoly by Changing How We Vote -with Aaron Hamlin

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Third party candidates have an uphill battle. It’s a fact. And on top of the traditional struggles third party candidates face, our “pick-one” voting systems have only entrenched the “lesser of two evils” in our government, by giving us the same, tired, “red team vs. blue team” battle.

With legitimate third party candidates (like Dr. Jo Jorgensen), Americans deserve to have more than one choice for the most important position in the land.

That’s what Aaron Hamlin, founder and executive director of the Center for Election Science, has made his primary goal; to change the way we vote away from our broken “pick-one” voting system, and instead, seek voting systems that encourage more candidates, forcing those seeking elected office having to truly compete in the marketplace of ideas.

Listen as Aaron outlines his voting system vision, the impact that changing our voting systems will have on third party candidates’ electoral success, and the current successes Aaron and team have had in already changing voting systems in major cities (with great success!).

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