BHOL 174: Sports might end AGAIN – Summer of 1968 AGAIN

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Jeremiah Morrell is joined by Zachary Burcham and Sean Row to discuss the mess that is this week. Dakota and Chris are on assignment. Chase called in “busy”

We are officially reliving 1968. And we added a pandemic just for fun. Colleges are shutting down, but they still want to play football. COVID finally got under control enough for sports to come back, but complete civil unrest has sports on the verge of ending for the year. What is going to happen? Is the NBA going to strike? NFL stopped practicing…But what changes are being asked for?

Oh, and there are national conventions for the GOP and the Democrats going on. Does anyone pay attention any longer? And Governor Holcomb says you should wear your mask another month or so…You were still paying attention, right?

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