BNS 110: The Medical Response to COVID-19 with Dr. Kyle Varner

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How about this, a Wednesday episode! You guys are lucky, let me tell you what! Well, actually, I’m pretty lucky, as today I was once again joined by someone infinitely smarter than I am, as I was joined by Dr. Kyle Varner to discuss the medical response to COVID-19 and some of the innovations that have risen in response to the pandemic.

Listen as we discuss some of the drugs leading the way to fight the coronavirus, the regulations that have held doctors back from properly treating their patients, and a look ahead to the future of medicine in a post-COVID world.

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Bio: Dr. Kyle Varner is a practicing hospitalist and expert in health care policy. In his upcoming book, White Coat Cartels, Dr. Varner uncovers the dark side of the US healthcare market.

Dr. Varner passionately stands for freeing the market and advocates cash-based services and medical tourism as the prevailing alternatives to the compromised healthcare system we are faced with today.

He is a highly sought-after writer and speaker, and has spoken at a number of conferences around the world. He shares his insider’s knowledge on the website to give people the tools they need to take back control of their lives and start making informed decisions about their health.

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