BHOL 94: Liam Pineiro – Getting Catfished? New Years Celebration Traditions

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Episode 94 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host as always. Chase Peyton was in the 3rd chair. Future MTV star, and current internet SuperStar Liam Pineiro was our featured guest. We talked about Liam applying for a job as the cohost of Catfish on MTV, creating content on YouTube, Podcasts, being the first Vine celebrity, pranking grandma, and winning the Espresso “flip the switch” contest.

The Holidays are OVER, we talked about New Year’s rituals, watching the ball drop, Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, and the Winter Classic at Notre Dame. Apparently there was a tragedy running out of food and beer during the 2nd period. But at least an NHL game was played in Indiana. Shamefully, hockey superfan Chris Guffey forgot to go.

2020 Presidential candidates are lining up. Does anyone know who they are? Pop Quiz!
Government is still shut down. Does anyone care? If you want your IRS refund, you will want to pay attention.

Finally – BIG changes in county government. Listen all the way through.

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