BNS 51: The Ridiculousness of Identity Politics with Brad Polumbo

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Welcome back, ya beautiful people! I hope you had a fun and relaxing holiday break with you family and friends as we wrapped up 2018. But alas, here we are, kicking off 2019 the right way… with yet another phenomenal guest on The Brian Nichols Show!

To kick off 2019, I am joined by the Editor at Young Voices and contributor to National Review, The Federalist, and the Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo! Brad focuses on a number of issues in his commentaries, but particularly focuses on civil liberties, LGBT issues, and higher education.

For today’s episode, we start off discussing the divide between those within the LGBT movement and the political ideologies of conservatism and libertarianism. As an openly gay conservative/libertarian, I ask Brad to share his experience within the larger conservative/libertarian communities, his interactions with social conservatives, and the manner in which he and other gay conservatives/libertarians are treated by the greater LGBT movement.

Later, Brad gives his advice to libertarians as to how and better win over members of the LGBT community and dissects the ridiculousness that is identity politics.

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