BHOL 255: Indy 500 Preview! History and Handicapping the race!

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Episode 255 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

It’s our 5th annual Indy 500 preview show! Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, Zach Burcham, Mike McKown, and Blake McKown.

Jeremiah brought Brian Nichols to qualifying weekend, they discovered “Kirk Kirkwood”; The fastest pole speed in history just happened! The month has been mostly clean, but Monday we had our first major crash with Dalton Kellett, Blake tells us that the team is scrambling to get parts and pieces to get them back on track. Paul Tracy is in headlines still complaining over the 2002 finish – should it even be discussed any longer? Bronze badge fans are unhappy about the communication from the track. And we dive deep into the betting lines. Everyone picks a long shot and a dark horse!

Catch the guys at the race track this weekend, and watch Sunday on NBC!

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